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Organic farming is becoming more and more popular in Germany. This creates new challenges for agriculture, which must be considered when breeding and selecting new varieties.

Our spelt (spelt wheat) and pea varieties have been firmly established in organic farming for many years. These varieties fulfil all agronomic requirements for organic farming and convince with their high marketing and processing quality. Our einkorn, emmer and durum varieties complete the crop range for organic farming.

Varieties of the highest quality that can be cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides and with a limited availability of nitrogen form the basis for the production of high quality organic products.

This is why in organic farming the choice of the variety as well as the quality of the seed, and its suitability for the region are of particular importance. For this reason we decided to start our own production of certified seed under organic conditions for our main varieties in 2016.

We took this step in order to pursue several objectives:

  1. We wish to meet our customers’ demands to offer organically produced seed for organic farming.
  2. By using a separate organically working operation, we are able to select lines that are particularly well suited for organic farming already in an early stage of the selection process.
  3. When it comes to consulting and recommendation, we can rely on our own know-how acquired in the variety development and the seed production under organic growing conditions.

We are currently offering certified organic seed for the following varieties:

For additional information please click directly on the photo of a variety!

Oberkulmer Rotkorn

Spelt eco seeds: Oberkulmer Rotkorn


Spelt eco seeds: Zollernspelz


Spelt eco seeds: Zollernperle

Späths Albjuwel

Emmer eco seeds: Späths Albjuwel (Triticum dicoccum)


Hard wheat eco seeds: Wintergold (winter durum)


Pea eco seeds: Lisa


Hard wheat eco seeds: Duralis (spring durum)


Hard wheat eco seeds: Makrodur (spring durum)


Einkorn eco seeds: Monoverde (Triticum monococcum)


Spelt eco seeds: Zollernfit

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