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A long tradition of breeding progress

Solutions for cultivation practice

As family-owned, medium-sized company specialized on plant breeding, we offer solutions for the current requirements of farmers and set standards with our varieties.

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The power of the old world grain

Varieties with an added value

Our spelt wheat (spelt), durum wheat (durum), emmer and einkorn varieties are high yielding and less susceptible to diseases and to environmental stress, not to mention their excellent suitability for baked goods.


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The gold on our fields

Quality at first hand

Whether early or late, our asparagus hybrids are the perfect answer to the high requirements of a quality-based offer while showing a high or even very high yield potential at the same time.

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High yields and more

Delivering high performance and value

Our forage peas and garden peas (Pisum sativum) not only convince with their high leaf and grain yield, they also improve the soil health. 

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Diversity in organic farming

Much more than ecologically valuable

Our high performing old world grain varieties fulfil all agronomic requirements for organic farming and convince with their high marketing and processing quality.


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