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Forage pea - beneficial for soil health and animal welfare!

- Colourfully flowering pea variety with normal leaflets, used as forage pea
- Fast-growing, fast ground coverage and good weed suppression
- Long growth type, high yield of green material
- Excellent plant health, resistant to Fusarium
- Recommended for organic farming

Pea: Lisa

The forage pea variety LISA is a colourfully flowering, fast-growing variety with normal leaflets. Its rapid ground coverage and weed suppression are typical characteristics. Because of its long growth type it produces a high quantity of plant mass. Due to its excellent plant health and its Fusarium-resistance, LISA is perfectly suited for organic farming. 


Thanks to its rapid youth development and the resulting good weed suppression, it is an ideal forage pea and well-proven in cultivation for many years. 


Lisa has a well-developed root system penetrating the soil. Due to its long growth type it produces a high quantity of plant mass. Therefore it can be cultivated as a main crop in order to produce green manure and green fodder, either in mixed or in pure form, but also as whole crop silage, or even to serve as a protection against erosion.

In intercropping Lisa can contribute to a sustainable land management because it is capable of improving the tilth and of fixing the atmospheric nitrogen.

Due to its extraordinary plant health it is perfectly suitable for organic farming.


Early plant mass formation during its youth development
medium to high*
Plant heightlong*
Beginning of floweringmedium to late*
Risk of lodgingmoderate*
Dry mass yield (fodder)medium to high*
TKM (thousand kernel mass)app. 170 to 200 g
Resistances to diseasesFusarium oxysporum, race 1*

*Classification by German Federal Office of Plant Varieties

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